Company Strategy

Company Strategy

Demonstrating a highly disciplined approach to investing with rigorous underwriting standards and timely disposition of assets, Crocker Partners capitalizes on opportunities throughout market cycles.

Acquisition Strategy


  • Under-performing, well-located assets in target markets
  • Assets trading at a discount to replacement cost
  • In-fill locations which often include development sites obtained at little or no cost provide significant upside opportunities


  • Create 4-7 year business plan to optimize asset’s marketability through repositioning
  • Execute plan through physical improvements, implementing aggressive lease up programs, re-tenanting, monetizing development sites, and hands-on property management


  • Exit to institutional investors seeking core to core-plus returns
  • Sell into normalized capital markets in which investors project growing fundamentals

Investment Criteria

High-Growth Markets

  • Strong regional economic growth
  • Exceptional population and office-employment growth

Supply Constrained Markets

  • Limited development sites
  • “Live, work, and play” environments
  • Proximity to executive housing

Value-Add & Opportunistic Investments

  • Create property specific value creation programs
  • Achieve opportunistic returns in value-add investments

Cyclical Opportunities

  • In-house, real-time market data
  • Provide liquidity throughout the capital structure